Thursday, May 19, 2022



      Lost in Abundance    5.5x10.5'    thrown and splattered paint on canvas   2017- 2022

         Last year the City of Beverly Hills showed interest in purchasing this painting.

         We shall see what happens this time.  It has had some work since then, more throws,        

         more abundance, more places to seek the magic when peering into the painting.

         This painting, along with the others that list the Beverly Hills ArtShow will be at the

         ArtShow on May 21 and 22, booth #416. Please come visit. It is the only time I am

         out of the studio and able to visit with clients, supporters and friends of the arts. 


Beverly Hills ArtShow 2022

                               Shin Shin   40x40"    thrown and splattered paint on canvas    2022

                                                         Beverly Hills Art Show 2022

                                              Shin Shin, the sound of snow falling silently. 

     I hope these works (I have made three so far), portray the feeling of quiet, or silence, or 

     peace. In a  world fraught with turmoil, it would be nice to think that perhaps shin shin 

     can bring a sense of peace  to whomever gets to sit a spell under these trees.

Beverly Hills ArtShow Spring 2022, February Afternoon


February Afternoon    40x72"    thrown and splattered acrylic paint on canvas      2022
Adelman Fine Art, San Diego      Beverly Hills ArtShow 2022

So many splashes and throws of paint comprise this painting. It is another painting
of mine that started out as a more, dynamic, rhythmic scene that with numerous
application of layers has become this very sedate, very calm and joyful late afternoon on 
the beach scene. 
My work is becoming more and more pixilated, softer, with more detail. What was
such a giant gestural work, with large sweeping strokes, has become more detailed,
more tender perhaps. 

Beverly Hills ArtShow Spring 2022

               Reflections     36x48"   thrown and splattered paint on canvas   2016-2022

                         Rebecca Molayem Gallery, L.A.     Beverly Hills ArtShow Spring 2022 

The reason the dates of creation run so long is that this painting has been numerous incarnations.

         Always a reflection in water of this stand of trees, but like trees themselves, the foliage

         has changed.

         I usually work on my paintings until they are placed with an owner. I hang them in my 

         studio, in my home, in a gallery or on exhibition and I look at them. Sometimes, though

        rarely, I like them from the start, they have 'thrown' well from the beginning, more often, 

        they need a little more work... or a lot.

        This painting didn't need more, it wanted more. To be more vibrant, more colorful, then the

         original green foliage allowed. I think it was right.



            Star Gazer   24x48"   thrown and splattered paint on canvas   2022

                                    Beverly Hills ArtShow Spring 2022

It is much better to see the detail on this one in person.  Though the setting is static in nature, there is much slight movement in the blades of grass and their seedlings dancing on the night air.  Set under the night sky, it has a dreamy quality.

Beverly Hills Art Show 2022 , In the Garden of Fairies

             In The Garden of Fairies   48x30"     thrown and splattered paint on canvas     2022

             More and more I am finding myself immersed in the flowers I paint.  The opulence that

             builds with each new throw of paint, as though I could lift a petal and discover, not a spot of

             cobalt blue, but  rather a tiny bluebell hidden beneath, or perhaps it's really the cap of a 

             hiding fairey.

Beverly Hills ArtShow 2022


                               The Stand   36x24"    thrown and splattered paint on canvas     2017 

                                          LGOCA, Beverly Hills ArtShow  2022  

       The first and only time, I have ever played with 'throwing' shadows. I am quite pleased with          

       the outcome, look for more of these in the future.