Friday, April 29, 2022

Beverly Hills ArtShow May 21 and 22

               Big Sky.    40x60.     " thrown and splattered"  paint on canvas.       2016/2022

 I will once again be exhibiting at the Beverly Hills ArtShow on May 21 and 22. I will be in booth #416.    I hope you have an opportunity to come visit the booth. This is the only live exhibit I do. It is such fun for me to get out of the studio; meet and chat with art supports and clients over the two days of this exhibit. It helps me visualize the closing of the circle, from my perspective and enactment to the viewers perspective. It's always enlightening, and fun, on my part.

PHES Gallery, Carlsbad

Three Artist Exhibit
PHES Gallery, Carlsbad
March 13th through May 1 2022

 I am so honored to be in this exhibit with the fabulous crayola artist, Bruce Munter and the equally fabulous wood worker, Paul Henry. All three of us render our works in a unique fashion, with unusual (and splendid) results.  During the exhibitions closing on May 1, I will be demonstrating my "thrown paint" technique from noon until two p.m. Being that it is a messy process, and difficult to transport, I seldom have demonstrations. However, I am making an exception to help promote this wonderful gallery in the north Carlsbad area of State Street. I hope you can join us there. 

Adelman Fine Art, San Diego


To see more work at the Adelman Gallery in San Diego, please go to their gallery page, or better yet, the gallery. Adelman Fine Art

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Bouquet fro Ukraine

                      Bouquet for Ukraine      20x20"        thrown paint on paper and canvas       2022

I painted this when Russia invaded Ukraine. I believe most artists translate the world in their mediums. It's a new technique for me, incorporating  a completed "thrown" and splattered painting with an application of "thrown" and splattered paper, in the manner of a collage. I hope to sell this painting and offer the proceeds to humanitarian efforts for the people of Ukraine. If you are interested, you can contact me through email, or through the Adelman Gallery in San Diego 

PHES Gallery, Carlsbad


       Behind the House         36x48"         thrown and splattered paint on canvas        2018  

This painting hit just right for what it is that I want to say with my technique; it's an idea, a feeling, a movement, not a representation of a place as much as the feeling of that place. In this case, it's the tall grasses that grow in the wild fields in Southern California. This was late August, and much of the spring grasses, the wild mustards, and flowering stalks were dead and crisp like, while new wild plants were emerging at their base and in the distance. Though the scene is still, a late August afternoon, one can perceive the slightest movement in the small pollens that dance in the air.

Behind the House, is currently on display at the PHES Gallery in Carlsbad, CA. The Phes is currently exhibiting 23 works by me in an exhibit that includes the very talented artists Bruce Munter and Paul Henry. 

Thank You Gustav


Thank You Gustav      48x60"      thrown and splattered paint on canvas       2022

Thank you Gustav is a tribute to the artist Gustav Klimt whose work gave me the inspiration
for the color choices I used here. The technique is very different from Klimt's work. His paint 
was applied, while mine is "thrown" and splattered on using sticks and brushes. However, 
the outcome, can be similar. Klimt frequently used a dot like effect, to render his paintings, my
work has a dot like effect due to the technique. I realize Klimt is way out of my league, however
my appreciation for his work and vision, helped to lend me my own. 

Friday, January 28, 2022

Adelman Fine Art, San Diego

 Ellen's View            30x48"            thrown and splattered paint on canvas        2022

 Ellen's View is a painting taken from a photograph an artist friend sent to me from Hawaii. Her story of the spot was compelling enough for me to want to paint the image she not only sent, but portrayed in her telling. I tried to capture her peaceful story and that little bit of reflection on the water (using a long throw using a stick).

Ellen's View is represented by Adelman Fine Art in San Diego

Adelman Fine Art  San Diego