Friday, January 8, 2016

Original Art on Canvas Labels, Art and Wine, Charles Bibbs Event

Wine with original painting on canvas label. 
 available through fine artist Charles Bibbs and Canyon Crest Winery

I was very honored to receive an invitation to participate in this event by the renowned artist, Charles Bibbs. I was one of the few fortunate artist represented by Charles Bibbs ,  in  his Los Angeles gallery. Those were wonderful times and I am fortunate that we still have an arts relationship, and to call him my friend. a very talented artist Mr. Bibbs.
I have seven bottles of wine for sale with original labels. There were other artist's participating including my dear friends and talented artists, Rin Colabucci and Charles Bibbs. To view the wine labels or to purchase a bottle of wine, with original art label contact Charles Bibbs at link below.