Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowy Woods

Snowy Woods           36x24"            thrown and splashed acrylic paint on canvas         2016

Once the first coat is applied, the canvas is never touched again with brush. All the strokes are splattered or thrown, from brush or stick. Like  intricate embroidery, each skein of paint weaves together an image. Rather than precise stitch, these skeins of paint are thrown from stick and brush, lending an impression rather than an exact image. A feeling of the image, the moment, caught in time, captured in a final spray of color.
I have been to DC and Virginia during a snow storm, what quiet beauty is portrayed there. Something a So. California resident finds amazing. Last weeks impending 'snowzilla'  brought back those memories and thus was the impetus for this painting.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Original Art on Canvas Labels, Art and Wine, Charles Bibbs Event

Wine with original painting on canvas label. 
 available through fine artist Charles Bibbs and Canyon Crest Winery

I was very honored to receive an invitation to participate in this event by the renowned artist, Charles Bibbs. I was one of the few fortunate artist represented by Charles Bibbs ,  in  his Los Angeles gallery. Those were wonderful times and I am fortunate that we still have an arts relationship, and to call him my friend. a very talented artist Mr. Bibbs.
I have seven bottles of wine for sale with original labels. There were other artist's participating including my dear friends and talented artists, Rin Colabucci and Charles Bibbs. To view the wine labels or to purchase a bottle of wine, with original art label contact Charles Bibbs at link below.


L'Attitude Gallery, Pink Blossom Tree

Pink Blossom Tree   36x48"   thrown and splattered paint on canvas   2014

Pink Blossom Tree along with four other paintings is being prepared to ship to Boston where it will be  represented by L'Attitude Gallery in Boston Massachusetts.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard     30x48"    thrown and splattered acrylic paint on canvas    2015

Martha's Vineyard is represented by L'Attitude Gallery in Boston Mass

Monday, November 2, 2015

LAGOCA Acacia Tree

Acacia Tree               5x4'             thrown and splattered paint on canvas             2015

Acacia Tree is represented by the  Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in the Arts and Gallery conclave of Laguna Beach, CA

LGOCA Refugio Beach

Refugio Beach            4x6'             thrown and splashed acrylic on canvas            2015

Refugio is represented by the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in the Arts and Gallery district of Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art

Redbud Tree         36x36"           thrown and splattered paint on canvas           2015

Redbud is currently exhibited at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in the art and gallery conclave of  Laguna Beach, CA