Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Southern California Sagebrush

Southern California Sagebrush  48x36"  thrown acrylic paint on canvas 2014
" Carey's method of throwing paint onto the canvas is nearly a performance activity - an action whose
consequences are felt in the application of paint on canvas. The artist paints with unabashed
freedom, nuancing the complicated relations between skeins of color, both freely and tightly applied. Carey has successfully conflated different periods and geographies in her art, arriving at a language
that nonetheless speaks of her sensibility alone. The paint most often built up into a heavy impasto,
affects the viewer as a subject in its own right, being just as important as the particular view or scene
Carey is offering." Robert Mahoney NY art critic

Friday, May 30, 2014

Sakura Fubuki

12" blocks,  20 & 21, from the twenty one  piece Cherry Blossom montage are headed for their new home in Tokyo

2013 Graduation with distinction in Art and emphasis in Art History

my mortar board

Fine Art Curator of The Oceanside Theatre Co.

I have been named the fine art curator of the Oceanside Theatre Co at The Brooks in Oceanside CA. This is a new venture for the Theatre Co that will include art work in the lobby, fine art exhibits that coincide with performances, free standing fine art exhibits and performance art. I am honored by this position and honored to be able to work with some extraordinary artists. Look for the upcoming arts page at:  www.oceansidetheatre.org

artist Lisa Bebi's interpretation of the Neil Simon play, "Lost in Yonkers".

wild mustard lV

wild mustard IV    36x48"   thrown paint on canvas   2014 
on exhibit at the Blue Heron Farms Bed and Breakfast, Oceanside

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

THROWS solo exhibit Oceanside

Upcoming solo exhibit and art demonstration. April 25-27, The Brooks, Oceanside
Featured among my nest and tangle paintings, will be my large 8' nests  and the original "Trees" triptych on solid core doors. 
The demonstrations will occur, at the studio adjacent to the theatre, during the Oceanside Days of Art. The public is welcome.

Monday, March 10, 2014

santa clarita fem art slam

cover of the scvtv news

made the front page of the Santa Clarita Valley newspaper

 i would prefer to let the art speak for itself, each throw a new conversation.
the painting laid down from the exhibit. there will be numerous more throws and coasts of paint before it is done, it has good bones though.