Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sofia Hotel, San Diego

Beautiful Tribute from the Sofia Hotel and the Currant American Brasserie in San Diego

San Diego has long been a hotbed of creativity and artistic expression. Here at the Sofia Hotel, we love honoring that heritage by displaying the works of local artists we admire. One of our favorites is the painter Diana Carey, whose creations can often be seen hanging on the walls of the Sofia’s on-site restaurant, Currant American Brasserie.
Carey is a practitioner of what’s sometimes called “gestural abstraction” or “action painting,” where the artist throws, drips, or sprays paint upon a canvas instead of carefully daubing it on. With her physical approach, she seems to draw forth her subconscious into the sometimes-subdued, sometimes-slashing movements of her arms and wrists. As she emphasizes on her website, Carey’s paintings combine the stimulating combination of intent and unpredictability: The result is the “controlled chaos” (as she puts it) of multilayered, multicolored paint expressing bold, visceral, and highly energetic patterns.
Reading Carey’s own descriptions of her process evokes a sense of adventure, spontaneity, and mystery: An unexpected splash of paint, the manner in which the impasto texture emerges, a shape suddenly materializing out of skeins and bands and trickles of pigment—Carey follows her impulses where they lead, even at the risk of losing the thread of original inspiration or destroying a promising impression.
Many of Carey’s paintings are abstract landscapes, reflecting the colors, shapes, and moods of San Diego’s splendid natural scenery—from beachgrass-framed seashore to the twists of wind-sculpted trees.
Carey’s work has found national and international appreciation in major galleries, museums, and private collections. On top of her action-painting adventures, she is the fine-art curator for the Gallery at The Brooks, lectures and heads workshops, instructs expressive art to sheltered adolescents, and publishes poetry. We’re immensely proud to be able to showcase her masterpieces. You can now purchase her original paintings and fine giclee prints via the “Shop” button here at the Sofia Hotel website.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Work

Sunset                 36x48"                    thrown and splatted paint on canvas                     2015

This piece has been so many incarnations, from a beach grass, through numerous sky and land positionings, to a forest, a lone tree and finally back to a sunset. Each time the painting grows thick with paint, each time, may be the last before it loses integrity, or becomes too thick for my throws to land as intended or it will ultimately become dull, unable to  bounce light for viewing.It's always a gamble I will lose a painting if I continue to throw. But I was depressed over losing the sunset, which was my intention in the first place. So I determined to try one last time. Looking closely one will find bits and pieces of all the incarnations of this painting imbedded within its world.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

LGOCA Art Walk

Sakura Fubuki  (Cherry Blossom Storm) 5.5x8'   thrown and splattered paint on canvas   2013
Sakura Fubuki is currently exhibited at the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach. Laguna Beach Art Walk is every first Thursday of the month. Free Shuttle Service to the participating galleries. Shown here art director Christiana Lewis

The Gallery at The Brooks Art Walk

Featured Artist at, The Gallery at The Brooks, in Oceanside, June 5, 6-9pm. Oceanside's First Friday Art Walk is every first Friday of the month. 
          Tree's Triptych (all three are on exhibit) 8x4.5' solid core doors with hardware

AT Home, The Hotel Sofia, Color Altered Prints

My work has hung in the Currant American Brasserie in the Hotel Sofia, San Diego,  for a number of years. The Hotel Sofia is now offering my work, original paintings and limited edition color altered giclee's, through their online catalog,
At Home, The Hotel Sofia.
Jacaranda Montage   4/ 24x24"    thrown and splattered paint on canvas   2015

24x24"  jacaranda color altered giclee   pink

24x24"  jacaranda color altered giclee  yellow

24x24"   jacaranda color altered giclee    green
24x24"  jacaranda color altered giclee  blue

Monday, March 16, 2015

Jacaranda Montage

 9/12x12" canvases that make up one image      thrown and splattered paint on canvas    2015

This painting was meant to be an impression of a jacaranda tree in bloom. However, when I stand away from it, I get the feeling of a field of wild iris. Sometimes paintings have a mind of their own, or the viewer does. Viewing and interpretation is just as much a process of the art as interpreting and expressing. Sometimes I prefer to use numbers in my titles instead of ideas, so that the viewer can determine how the painting makes him feel without being led there by my (the artist's) vision. Other times, naming can be  helpful in the understanding of the works.

Summer Woods

Summer Woods       36x24"          thrown and splattered paint on canvas             2015

" Carey is working in a conceptual space beyond realism, where paint and gesture cannot possibly, theoretically, replicate every variation nature can. It is the gap between the idea of her application of splatter to nature and the endless possibilities of nature that gives to Carey’s work the friction that keeps it sharp and purposeful, her strokes directed, tense, meaningful. It is a kind of impressionism, but educated by a new generation’s fuller appreciation of fractal complexity in branching and all the chaos of natural form." Robert Mahoney NY art critic