Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beverly Hills artShow

sakura fubuki (cherry blossom storm)     66x96"     thrown paint on canvas     2013
Japanese Friendship Garden  solo exhibit  2013
Beverly Hills artShow   2014

Thank you to all who made these shows successful events. It is through the support of collectors, patrons, galleries, museums and critics that I am able to continue in my art world. It is through the joy of viewers that I thrive.
"Carey has wrest the technique of Pollock back to visual purpose of Seraut"
Robert Mahoney, N.Y. art critic


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


jacaranda   48x48" thrown paint on canvas 2014
Beverly Hills artShow   2014
jacaranda has taken over two years to complete. not because it was a bad painting,  there have been more precise renderings of a tree, but none portrayed what i am trying to portray as an artist.
i throw paint. which lends a quality of chaos i wouldn't get if i applied it differently. it is in that chaos that i try to discover the essence of the subject matter, not the subject matter itself. the painting on top is an impressionist view of a jacaranda, not a photographic one.  i am an impressionist with an abstract technique. my work should reflect that. this jacaranda, with it's impasto texture, and pointillist nature now does just that.
one of it's multiple renderings..

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Beverly Hills artShow/ poppies ll

poppies ll   36x48"    thrown acrylic on canvas   2014
Beverly Hills artShow  2014
                                                             detail poppies
Diana Carey art impressionism 

Beachgrass IX

beachgrass lX   4x6' thrown acrylic on canvas  2014
Beverly Hills artShow   2014
                                                        beach grass ix detail

Beach Grass IX, will be on exhibit at  the Beverly Hills artShow, Oct. 18 &19th in Beverly Hills. booth #323 between Canon and Crescent.
private collection
Diana Carey impressionism

Friday, September 19, 2014

help from Michael P Designs

cathy's beach   4x6'  thrown acrylic on canvas   2012

Michael Poczkalski of Michael P Designs, NY
is helping to create a New York living room around the painting, cathy's beach, utilizing a radical step of painting the living room ceiling black to dramatize the effect of the painting. This artist could not be more honored.

private collection
diana carey abstract impressionist 


reeds   5.5x7.5' unstretched   thrown acrylic paint on canvas   2009

diana carey abstract impressionist

in the studio 

Japanese Friendship Garden / sakura fubuki

sakura fubuki  (cherry blossom storm)   5.5x8'  thrown acrylic on canvas   2012

Japanese Friendship Garden
solo exhibit 2013

diana carey abstract impressionism

Japanese Friendship Garden