Sunday, November 30, 2014

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art/ wild mustard

wild mustard  iv        36x48"     thrown acrylic on canvas       2013

available through
Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art
Laguna Beach, CA

sold private party

brochure cover 2013

"In this body of work, referencing art history, one is astonished to consider the possibility that Carey has wrest the technique of Pollock back to visual purpose of Seurat, using splattered brushwork as Seurat made use of the dot to quest after capturing fully life and nature in a kind of abstract impressionist painting."  NY art critic, Robert Mahoney 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art


         poppies      36x48"      thrown acrylic house paint on canvas      2014
available through
Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art 
Laguna Beach
exhibition and representation

I am very pleased to announce that my work is being represented and exhibited by The Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach California .


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Paintings in Public Settings

 The environment frequently determines the visual impact on the viewer. Where something is seen often determines the value and viability of art. Location, location, location.
The Gallery at The Brooks, Oceanside
shown with sculpture by Julia C R Gray

The Currant Restaurant, Hotel Sofia, San Diego 

The Picture Art Foundation, CSUDH 

Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego

Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego
Nadine Baurin Fine Art, Leucadia

Culture Inside Gallery, Luxembourg

works have also been exhibited and collected throughout Southern California and the nation including, Washington DC, New York and Los Angeles

Paintings in their Home Settings

I have always believed that the viewer is an integral part of the painting process. The environment also inserts itself on the paintings visual effect.  Though the painting remains the same, each visual effect is as individual as it's owners. Below are a few paintings in their home settings.
  Los Angeles
the painting contributes to rooms the environment

 San Diego
 the wall was painted to enhance the painting

the room was designed with the painting as a focal point
Michael P of Michael P Designs consulted on this interior

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Family Trees

Family Trees are sets of painted canvas blocks that together make up an  impressionistic image of a tree. Singularly, the blocks stand alone as a part of the tree, each piece retaining the essence of the tree, while the whole gives the essence and image. Family Trees are exhibited as an entire tree, or separated into 'branches' of the tree (if separated, family member, friends, people with commonalities can each have a branch of the tree, while still being a part of the larger tree).
The original family tree was the 21 piece, Cherry Blossom montage. Rather than going to an individual family, Cherry Blossom montage resides with the worlds family. Individual canvas blocks now reside in numerous homes and institutions around the US and the world, including,  Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, California and Tokyo.

 single canvas block from the family tree, retains the essence of the tree.

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art / winter woods

winter woods     36x24"       thrown acrylic paint on canvas        2014

available through
Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art
Laguna Beach, CA
Beverly Hills artShow  2014

"Carey is intent on bringing to canvas the fullness of the visual response of an artist to the complex facture of bushes, branches, grasses and other wild vegetation. Right away, exploring the scales of branching in terms of size and thickness all but with a chaos theoretician’s enthusiasm for the fractal infinities of nature, Carey has developed a wide, straight, branch-like stroke, then thin, fragile, wavering, leaf-like stroke, and every variation in between."  Robert Mahoney, NY art critic 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nadine Baurin Fine Art/ throwing autumn

autumn woods    36x24"   thrown acrylic on canvas  2014
available through
Nadine Baurin Fine Art
Leucadia, CA
autumn woods
private collection
"Carey's gestural impressionism results in views that remain in our thoughts long
after we have seen them, making her an artist of genuine accomplishment."  Johnathan Goodman , NY art critic