Thursday, November 13, 2014

Family Trees

Family Trees are sets of painted canvas blocks that together make up an  impressionistic image of a tree. Singularly, the blocks stand alone as a part of the tree, each piece retaining the essence of the tree, while the whole gives the essence and image. Family Trees are exhibited as an entire tree, or separated into 'branches' of the tree (if separated, family member, friends, people with commonalities can each have a branch of the tree, while still being a part of the larger tree).
The original family tree was the 21 piece, Cherry Blossom montage. Rather than going to an individual family, Cherry Blossom montage resides with the worlds family. Individual canvas blocks now reside in numerous homes and institutions around the US and the world, including,  Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, California and Tokyo.

 single canvas block from the family tree, retains the essence of the tree.