Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cat Tails

Cat Tails  30x48"  Thrown and splattered paint on canvas   2015

This is my second sunset. While trying to develop the idea of the sunset, I became too painterly on the first. In trying too hard to look realistic, I lost the essence of the idea and ended up building up the painting too much. The last Sunset was so over thrown I had to relegate it to the overthrown pile. Since I can no longer throw on these, they are too heavy with paint, I brush a bit against the texture instead and then lightly throw an abstract painting, on top.
Recently I sold a painting that had a field of tall grass. I had withheld that painting for years because I liked it so, but I was persuaded. So, I was  excited to start a fresh canvas that was comprised of both subjects, the sunset and long grass in the field. As heavy as this one looks, it really threw pretty quickly (months of practice on the other canvases). I believe it's completed.