Thursday, January 29, 2015

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, Laguna Beach

 Autumn I is in the front window
Wild Mustard 4.'x11.7' , thrown acrylic house paint on canvas  2010

Autumn I, 5x7'  thrown acrylic house paint on canvas 2010
featured in the front window of the LGOCA

Both of these paintings mean a great deal to me. They were created while I was staying with my mother in the 'country' of Ventura. She was terminally ill and I was carrying for her. I did not have a studio there, so these pieces, which captured the wild nature of my physical and emotional surroundings so beautifully, were thrown outside. They had to remain on the ground for days at a time, while I built up the paint, during that time, birds, dogs, squirrels, and the occasional peacock would run or peck their ways across. Imprinted in the paintings are remnants of these visits.
Thank you LGOCA for featuring them so prominently.