Friday, September 19, 2014

Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art / pink blossom tree

pink blossom tree  36x48"   thrown acrylic paint on canvas   2013
available through
Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art
Laguna Beach, CA

Nadine Baurin Fine Art Gallery  Leucadia
solo exhibit 2013-14

diana carey abstract impressionism

i often times find myself  'adding' to an already complete canvas, out of boredom, the need to alter it,  to explore the process,  or just because i have no blank canvases available, large canvases can be fairly expensive and I don't always have them on hand.  if there were an unlimited supply of canvas, i would hope that i would just leave the 'finished' ones alone, and do further exploration work on a new canvas. however, i am not certain, even with the supplies, i would do so. 
i have a vision, one that i am not always privy to myself, until it hits (which does not always happen, there have been some ruined paintings and canvases). i am trying to catch the essence of an idea, not a photo realistic painting. A concept I don't always understand. i only know if i have captured it. 
below are a couple  of the incarnations of pink blossom tree (top). it needs to be finished now, if only because the paint itself is  getting quite heavy.