Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cherry Blossom Montage

Cherry Blossom Montage
21) 21"x21" canvas paintings
Japanese Friendship Garden San Diego
Sakura Fubuki Exhibit 2/1/13-4/28/13 

artists and audiences are in a symbiotic relationship. the artist may paint his interpretation and intentions but  the audience has a tremendous impact on whether that art work (and the artist) is viewed and acknowledged. the intent too is based on personal interpretation. though the artist may have a specific idea of his intentions, the viewer carries with him, his own, thus altering the vision on a personal level (galleries, curators, writers...all bring with them their personal interpretations). the audience has the power of  determining the status of an artist, and painting and also determining the interpretation of the artists own interpretation.
during this exhibit the 12"x12" paintings will be for sale, either singularly or in groups. unlike normal exhibits that ask work not be removed until the end of the exhibit, i request work be removed immediately after purchase.  by allowing the audience to purchase the art work during the exhibit, and thus re-configuring the artwork, the art process and  the artwork, evolves. it is part of the process and the art experience, just as the original painting is a process, so is the viewing, selling, and removal of pieces that make for a 'new' piece, interpretation and experience. it gives a transparency to the symbiotic relationship of artist and audience. i am really excited by this concept.

post script. so many of the pieces were removed, the painting lost it's continuity, success, however, i decided to paint replacement pieces to indicate an evolving tree, cherry blossom summer.