Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trios Gallery / lake in the back

the lake in the back        4'x4'     thrown paint on canvas   2009

Trios Gallery Solana Beach
Nadine Baurin Fine Art Gallery
solo exhibit 2013-14

diana carey art

i painted this picture from a ravine i saw in Simi Valley. during an exhibition a woman stood in front of it for a long time. she proceeded to tell me a story about her difficult life as a child in Asia, where the only comfort she felt was at the lake behind the house. she said i had painted that place. her companion came by shortly after the story and she asked him, what this was a painting of, he replied, "the lake in the back of the house". the painting's name was changed from "ravine" to "the lake in the back". this couple knew the location better than i did myself.

   the lake in the back       detail
diana carey artist